A Physical and Emotional Workout.

Public Classes

A Physical and Emotional Workout

The ReleasE uses Big movements, music & StretChing to release stuck emotion in your body.

What to Expect:

  • The Release combines cardio, explosive movements, stretching and meditation to open up your body. Movements range from modified jumping jacks to low lunge stretches. You can expect to sweat.

  • Each class is themed by emotion that we’re working through: anger, shame, overthinking, anxiety, grief..there’s a class for them all. Each of the movements are designed to help you release those specific emotions from your body. It’s not uncommon to feel multiple emotions release each class.

  • The music is specially curated for each class and each emotion. We work with professional DJs and music producers to create customized playlists and mixed music that intensifies the effects of the movement.  

  • The class is active so wear something you can move in comfortably. Bare feet are suggested.

Want to learn more about the science behind The Release? Read on.

Practice weekly:

Saturdays Yoga District Petworth 10:30-11:45am

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For Leaders that wants to evolve past their stress

Corporate Stress Consulting

Release stress. Strengthen intuition.

Designed for corporate leaders and teams

A lot of the stress in our lives is generated at and from work. When leaders and teams let that stress, anger and anxiety go unchecked it can lead to miscommunication and conflict. These sessions are designed for teams and leaders who are ready to move past barriers of misunderstanding and connect more deeply with their colleagues.

Two ways to work together:

Corporate workshops. Created with whole team engagement in mind. (1 hour sessions to full day trainings and retreats)

Here’s how it works:

  • Discuss stress and the impact on companies and employees

  • Assessment and review of the office vibe - can include mapping energy of physical space, discussion about current workflow, paired discussions, etc.

  • Energetic release work in pairs - learn how to connect with your colleagues on more holistic level and help your team get rid stress using office ready energetic release techniques.

Leadership one-on-one. Designed specifically for company leaders. (65 minutes)

Here’s how it works:

  • Assess current challenges in the office & conduct an energy assessment (20 mins)

  • Desk-friendly stress release techniques specifically based on your challenges - think curated breathing, light movement, making some noise, etc (aprox. 30 mins)

  • We discuss what came up in the assessment. You’ll get clarity on how your energy flows, where you’re holding tension and how you can release it continually - it’s practical and holistic at the same time. (aprox. 15 mins)

How to prepare:

Sessions are designed to be done in an office environment — no clothing changes, workout gear etc. Just a quite space that you feel comfortable in and an open mind.


A Tool To Understand and release your stress.

EnergetiC Release Consulting

A Potent Way to decompress

Great for One on One sessions and Small groups.

Energetic Release Consulting gets you out of your head and into your body. Our bodies know what’s holding us back but it can be really hard to actually listen. Each 75 minute Energetic Release session is a mix of breath, meditation and discussion. You’ll walk out knowing exactly where you’re holding stress, why it got there in the first place and how you can move past it. Start-up founders, CEOs, stay at home moms, couples, and anyone who feels in need of some clarity and distressing are welcome.

How it works:

Each coaching sessions last approximately 75 minutes.

  • We start with a small amount of movement and breath to heighten your receptivity (aprox. 15 mins)

  • You then lay down, close your eyes and just breath while you receive an energy assessment (aprox. 40 mins)

  • We discuss what came up in the assessment. You’ll get clarity on how your energy flows, where you’re holding tension and how you can release it - it’s practical and mystical at the same time. (aprox. 20 mins)

How to prepare:

There is no wrong way to show up. Here are some suggested things to do to prep.

  • Wear something that you feel comfortable in and can move without restriction (not required but you might feel more comfortable)

  • Hydrate before you come, when energy moves it can make you feel light headed from time to time. Coming hydrated helps limit this

  • Come with an open mind! The more open you are, the more benefits you receive