ReleasE Coaching

Breathwork. Somatic Release. Channeling.

small Groups and one on one Sessions

I help powerful people reconnect with their purpose and identify the blocks that are holding them back. I work with people at the top of their industries who are called to go ‘deeper’ but aren’t really sure why. The most influential people have a greater purpose and mission in this world but we get caught in our ego and forget. That’s what I am here to help you remember. If you’re ready to face your own power and full truth, then I am for you. The work I do leverages direct channeling and a practices of somatic release through movement and breath. No session is ever the exact same but it’s always what you need. When we work together, you will likely experience acupressure, breathwork which is an active form of meditation that clears stuck energy (like stress and frustration) from your body and receive channeled guidance.

Sessions last for 90 - 120 minutes.

How to prepare:

  • Wear something that you feel comfortable in and can move without restriction

  • Hydrate.

  • Come with an open mind. The more open you are, the more you receive


A Physical and Emotional Workout.

Public Classes

Public Breathwork and Somatic Release Yoga

The ReleasE uses Big movements, music & StretChing to release stuck emotion in your body.

  • Somatic Release Yoga: Combines therapeutic explosive movements, stretching and meditation to open up your body. We use frequencies to help speed up the healing. You will sweat out your stress. Want to learn more about the science behind Somatic Release Yoga? Read on.

Practice weekly:

Saturdays Yoga District Petworth 10:30-11:45am REgister On The Yoga District Website

  • Public Breathwork: Breath with a public group and use your energy to support and be supported by those around you.

  • Practice weekly:

    Saturdays The Glow CLub DC 7-8pm REgister on The Glow Club Website