7:00 PM19:00

Backbends and Breathwork @ Yoga District 14th Street

Join as we mindfully transition into the summer season with a release focused on opening your heart, cooling breath and grounding meditations. Feel balanced as we embrace breath meditations specifically focused on opening your heart, clearing the lungs and get prepared to face new and creative backbends and shoulder openers.

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Chakras Through the Senses: The Root

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Come experience and explore your chakras utilizing all five senses. This workshop will be the first of a series, focused on your first chakra your 'root'. We will use taste, sight, sound, feeling and smell to activate this energy center and tap into what grounds us. As Spring urges us to launch forward into the new, we will take some time to physically ground ourselves through working with this chakra. This workshop will include a brief lecture of the chakra energy and the meridian energy centers and organs that relate to that chakra most directly and a meditation to explore what this energy brings up for you. You'll then activate this energy using your 5 senses:

  • Smell: Use essential oils to balance your root

  • Sight: Mediate on art that envokes root emotions like security and base fears

  • Taste: Create your own medical tea at our tea bar with herbs specifically selected to balance the earth element

  • Hear: Meditate to

  • sound frequencies that correspond to the energies of the root

  • Feel: Move your body in ways that help get your energy flowing (this will be a gentle, seated movement that does not require any specific active-wear)

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Spring Solstice Release @ Yoga District
7:00 PM19:00

Spring Solstice Release @ Yoga District

Spring Solstice Detox Release @ Yoga District 14th Street

Embrace spring with Emily R. during a seasonal release flow designed to enhance detoxification in the body through breath, meditation and movement. Expect an abundance of twists, clearing breath-work and a Flow with postures to balance your liver and gallbladder meridians.

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