How it works

The Release follows meridian energy science. Meridians are energy lines that run all throughout your body. Each meridian aligns to a specific emotion or emotions, an organ, elements, etc and has key ‘acu—points’ that, when pressed, stimulate the flow of blood to that specific area. This flow of blood and energy can help you feel more relaxed.

Each Release class maps to a specific meridian line and key points. The movements in the class are designed to stimulate the points on the meridian line. These movements can be small ‘acupressure’ applications as well as large, intense full body movements intended to help you supercharge the release of the corresponding emotions working through the line can bring up.

Each meridian corresponds to an organ and that organ has a specific frequency and notes. The Release works with DJs to curate playlists and produce custom tracks that have those specific frequencies and notes embedded. This helps supercharge your healing and helps you release things that are stuck in your body more quickly.