Q: What is the difference between The Release Class and Consultations?

A: The Release public classes focus on general emotions and are meant for larger formats. Consultations are more personalized experiences that use less movement and more 1 on 1 (or small group) energy exchange.

Q:What do I wear to the Release classes or consults?

A: Both offerings are best done in comfortable clothes you can move in. For public classes it is best to wear athletic attire. No shoes are required - in fact, barefoot is encouraged for both.

Q: How much will I be moving and Will I sweat?

A: Public classes range from 60-75 minutes. You can expect about 50-60% of that class to be active movement - from lunges to modified buries you will be making large, explosive movements that often make you sweat. The other parts of class are more restorative in nature.

A: For consultations, there is no sweating and very very minimal movements.

Q: What are the class themes and Why do you theme the classes?

A: Each public class is built around releasing a specific emotion. Each emotion relates to a specific part of the body so the movements we do correspond. Emotions you can expect to see as themes include: anger, sadness, grief, insecurity, anxiety, overthinking/doubt, among others.

Q: How does this all work? What is the ‘theory’ behind the Release?

A: We’re glad you asked! We created a whole page HERE to explain the reasoning for this approach.