Photo by  Anna Meyer

Photo by Anna Meyer

ABOUT - The Release

The Release is a physical experience that helps you release stuck emotion. It’s a physical and emotional work out that combines cardio, music and stretching to stir up stress and emotions stored in your body. You’ll use explosive movements like burpies and jumping jacks, deep stretching like lunges and twists and hear healing sound like heavy beats and custom frequencies. Each class is designed to release emotion — anger, fear, grief, sadness. So you leave feeling lighter. It is a deeply transformative release in the body, mind and spirit.

Come with an open mind, open heart and workout clothes that make you feel able to move freely and without constriction. Yoga mats and bare feet are required.

Private consultations are designed to take you (or a small group) deeper and include less intense movement, more meditation and 1 on 1 energetic readings and assessments.

Want to learn how it works? Check out the science behind The Release here.

Where do I even begin. The experience I had with Emily was eye opening and awakening. She makes you feel comfortable and safe to express your true self and connects with you at a deep level to ensure that you are getting everything that you can out of the energy release. After my first energy release session with Emily, I felt like a whole new person and finally truly grounded. After having a very rough year, Emily was able to help me release and embrace the light in my life.
— Jenn, Client
I honestly feel it is the most life-altering experience I have ever had, and know now that I have tremendous work in front of me [but better, how to accomplish it]. It’s amazing how much clarity this gave me. Thank you thank you thank you.
— Client
As a former dancer, I usually find my yoga practice to be more focused on stretching or muscle engagement. I struggle to connect with the meditative and spiritual space that yoga can often provide for many. The Release allowed me to make this breakthrough. For the first time, I was able to maintain intentional breathing for a prolonged period as we moved. I’ve never felt more aware of the energy flowing throughout my body’s core areas. I left the session feeling more in tune with myself both physically and spiritually. The feeling is addicting!
— Noelle, Client

Photo by  Anna Meyer

Photo by Anna Meyer

Photo by  Anna Meyer

Photo by Anna Meyer

ABOUT the Founder - Emily Rasowsky

Your release has everything to do with you and nothing to do with me.

But knowing where a teacher comes from help you find what you are looking for or, perhaps, what you aren’t. is my story. It’s long and painfully honest.

I found yoga when I was 15. I was recovering from anorexia and I thought that doing yoga would make me look like a Victoria Secret model. Heidi Klum had recently been featured doing it in Seventeen Magazine and I thought Madonna looked damn good so why not try it. I wasn’t really looking to heal - I was looking to feed an addiction to looking perfect. As a teenager I worked at yoga studios. Mostly so I could have access to all the yoga I wanted without asking my mom to spend $1000 a year and buy new clothes with the money I made. Quite evolved. I didn’t live a ‘traumatic’ life from the outside (or the inside really) but I did have traumas that needed some attention.

But trauma - i’ve learned - can be a pattern. At 7 my father passed away and I saw first hand how death can change your life and those you love. It, no surprise, really sucked. I was young and had no way to really know what was going on. So I just kept trucking along and figured the rest would sort itself out but all that emotion weighs on a person, and as I now know, the trauma stays in your body until you actually do something about it.

I never intended on being a yoga teacher or a reiki teacher or a super ‘spiritual person’. I don’t even totally think I am most days. But as luck would have it, a lot of these things found me. If I listed the most impactful teachers I’ve had, you wouldn’t find much on them in a Google search. There is no guru or magic person who showed me the way - although I really tried to find that person. I kept trying to find someone who would teach me the ‘THING’ that would be my signature path or offering. It never came. So I decided to do a bit of my own mix.

Meridians, release work, all this stuff you see on my website and in my offerings developed over time - little bits here and there. No one ‘taught’ me how to do this specific work. Just a lot of trial and error and a healthy dose of curiosity.

I’ve done more certifications than I can count in yoga and energy. I’ve chosen to list these out here because I think it’s important that you know I have invested in learning and I have learned about some cool stuff that I cannot wait to share:

  • Yoga 500 hr certified teacher

  • Trauma Sensitive intensives for wounded warriors, childhood trauma, homelessness, sexual assault survivors

  • Restorative Yoga certification

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2

  • Crystal Reiki Certification

  • Acupressure Training

  • Founder of Ascension GW, a trauma sensitive yoga project funded through a GW research grant that studied the positive correlation between yoga and wellbeing for student survivors. It was a wild and cool ride.

Some of these trainings awesome, some were just okay. But I am a firm believer that no training will teach you how to heal - only you can do that. These just show you how to remember.

The truth is we all have something to let go of. Why not do it together.